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Our Goals

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best information regarding elderly care with constant medical updates provided by M.D.s, We also offer an sophisticated user friendly search engine.to help people find a facility close to them that meets their needs.

Mission Statement

To help you and your loved ones find the best health care available and uphold the dignity all people deserve.

Vision Statement

Our online resources will provide you at no cost multiple health care solutions to the complex problems the aging generation are facing; our searchable database will enable you to use a patient-centered approach in your decision-making process.


Reading your review this makes my decisions easier than taking candy from a baby. And I am more than happy with the decision I made based on your information.

Pin my tail and call me a donkey, this site really helped me pick a facility and the care my mother receives there is top notch. Thank you

It is tough coming across info on this specific subject which is well written, easily readable as well as simple to understand.That is why I felt moved to put a remark here to let you know this is fine.

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Detailed Ratings

cleanliness: 5/5

condition of grounds: 5/5

staff: 5/5

community: 5/5


1 Welcome to San Antonio Elder Care! Review


It’s about time someone stepped up and developed a user friendly system for helping with elder care. This company shows real promise

cleanliness: 5/5


condition of grounds: 5/5

staff: 5/5

community: 5/5

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