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San Jose Nursing Center

406 Sharmain Pl San Antonio, TX 78221-1846

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2 Reviews

San Jose Nursing Center provides Nursing Care to seniors in San Antonio, TX. This senior care facility is located at 406 Sharmain Pl. You can find out where San Antonio is located with the map of San Antonio, TX below. 

This nursing home has not been cited for any Deficiencies from Incidents Reported by the Nursing Home or Complaints in the last 3 years.

Contact Information

Phone: (210) 924-8136

Fax: 210-826-7766

Insurance: Medicaid

Number beds: 70

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Detailed Ratings

cleanliness: 3/5

condition of grounds: 4/5

staff: 3/5

community: 4/5


2 San Jose Nursing Center Reviews


with a review like that I hope you moved your mom.
and everthing you are wrote,
I know for a fact to be unture.
San Jose does not look like much but the resident care is 4 star.
The nursing home is clean.
THAT is a FACT..
~Google Review

cleanliness: 5/5


condition of grounds: 5/5

staff: 5/5

community: 5/5


thats what these employees do. instead of doing their job they are busy chit chatting away about their life story. My grandmother is in there and she is always dirty they dont change her and when we show up unexpectedly she is just about always without any underwear, and then they had the nerve to ask if they can have her in just a night gown with no pants because they dont want to remove her pants when they change her. plus during events they have for the people living there, they are more in partying then into taking care of the elderly living there. when I was there during an invent I saw like 3 or 4 of the elderly there wet and I mean soak and wet and even then did not change them up until an hour later or so and thats because I told them. I am glad we are moving my grandma out of there she has been there for about 4 months and just getting worse. so please find a different place to take your love ones, find them a place where they are going to get the attention they deserve.
~Google Review

cleanliness: 1/5


condition of grounds: 2/5

staff: 1/5

community: 2/5

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