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Blanco Villa Nursing & Rehabilitation

8020 Blanco Road San Antonio,Texas, 78216

  • North
  • Nursing Home,Home Health Care,Hospice

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About this Provider

Blanco Villa Nursing & Rehabilitation offers short-term stays and both short-term and long-term home care.

Our care is centered around and specializes in rehabilitation.

We offer virtual tours on our website and are available 24/7.

Various Rehabilitation Programs Including:

  • Surgery Recovery
  • Joint/Hip replacement or other orthopedic injuries
  • Stroke and neurological conditions
  • Cardiac related illnesses
  • Pulmonary related illnesses
  • Diabetes management
  • Wound care
  • Oncology Recovery / Strengthening
  • Other conditions that have required hospitalization

Our Staff Include:

  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapists
  • Physicians
  • RNs, LVNs, and certified nurse's aides
  • A consulting pharmacist
  • A dietician

Care Options:

  • Short-term Stays
  • Nursing Restorative Programs
  • Hospice
  • IV Therapy
  • Respite Care
  • Wound Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Respiratory Care (including Tracheotomy)


  • We are in walking distance of the local golf course
  • Skilled nursing staff including audiologists
  • Private or semi-private rooms
  • 3 meals a day plus snacks
  • Social services
  • Care plans unique for each patient

Contact Information

Website: Official Site

Phone: (210) 344-4553

Email: Contact Link

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Detailed Ratings

cleanliness: 4/5

condition of grounds: 2/5

staff: 2/5

community: 5/5


1 Blanco Villa Nursing & Rehabilitation Review


I am a PT not a SLP but i think the same comments would apply to all our our ifpirtronesseonal team.  We need to know how to be safe, then to know how to assess properly so we can be progressive and try to help all our patients reach great functional outcomes and goals. I think in the comment you made it was clear you are assessing your skills and for the most part feel you are doing a really good job with your patients in several different settings. None of us is an expert in every area for every diagnosos and patient level. We do the best we can and then consider does the patient need more than I can deliver?  If that is the case do we refer to someone with a particular area of expertise that the patient needs? That is not a failure as if we are generalists and doing a good job we need to know what we can do and when the patient should be referred or have a consult with another healthcare professional that could look with a new set of eyes and experience.Sounds like you are doing a really good job and have to deal with various settings which sure isn’t easy!Donna Frownfelter PT, DPT, CCS, MA, RRT

cleanliness: 4/5


condition of grounds: 2/5

staff: 2/5

community: 5/5

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